RIP N DIP Got Greens Mug

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  • Dude......
  • No you dont drink the bong water
  • I promise you we wouldn't make¬†
  • You drink the bong water
  • What are we amateurs?
  • Drinking bong water at 8am
  • You Psychos!
  • Look
  • The pipe does not touch the coffee
  • Never mix the pipe in the coffee bro
  • Come on
  • Thats wake and bake 101 brother!
  • But here it is
  • The wake
  • And bake
  • The best part of waking up
  • Is Nermal in your cup!
  • Sit back
  • Relax
  • And enjoy the bake
  • Ceramic Coffee Mug Pipe Combo
  • Lil Nerm Hanging Out Of The Top
  • Pack, Toke, Sip
  • Pipe Does Not Filter Through Mug So You Aint Drinking Ur Bong Water
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