BUFF Polar Beanie

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Soft and warm hat, perfect for low-medium intensity winter activities like bouldering, climbing, trekking, hiking and skiing.

-85% Recycled Polyester, 15% Polyester.

- Primaloft: primaloft® has taken the material expertise used to develop their industry-leading insulation and applied it to the development of a wide range of insulating fabrics that raise the bar for standard fleece. a clean finishing process on their pile fibers creates a durable, performance-driven fleece fabric line that provides first-class softness and warmth.

- Recycled polyester: chopped plastic bottles become chips,melted chips become fiber and recycled fiber becomes polyester we use in our products.

- Moisture management: sweat and moisture are transported through the fabric away from the skin. provides comfort and helps keeping body temperature stable.

- Dries quickly: textile with high wicking properties. transports sweat and humidity through the fabric making evaporation efficient and faster.

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