KRASH Industries Watercraft


KRASH Industries manufactures complete, turn-key freeride/freestyle adrenaline watercraft that are Ready To Perform. Their core principle is to offer professional quality watercraft at an affordable price. Choose the model that fits your riding style, hit the start button and you are Ready To Perform!
Multiple units in inventory and ready to ship!  Please contact the store regarding any questions.


The Predator is the ultimate all round stand up that is great for riders of all skill levels. With its long tray and extra buoyancy it is not only a great all round ski but is lightning fast if you are able to hold on while carving turns. 
Size Length(bare) Width(bare) Height(bare)
Predator 213cm/84″ 71cm/28″ 66cm/26″


The Reaper is the closest thing on the water you will find to a motocross bike. The Reaper is capable of dragging a bar like a dirt bike in a rut, or riding choppy water like a motocross bike through whoops. This is the best summer conditioning a dirt bike rider can do. 


Size Length(bare) Width(bare) height(bare)
REAPER 223cm/88″ 83cm/32″


Both the Predator and Reaper offer as well the following:


KV 997 Drive Train

The KV 997 drive train comes complete with 48mm Black Ops spec carburetors, 150mm Black Ops power pipe, carbon reeds, lightweight crank, Pro X conrods, Wiseco flat top pistons, 12 vein 148 setback pump with trim, stainless propeller and lightweight aluminum waterbox.


Resin Infused Glass Hull

This a 100% resin infused long strained fibreglass composite.


KV Electrics

The brain of every Kavinci complete package is the KV ECM. Fitted with a custom encoded microprocessor this unit comes with automatic bilge sensing and capable of three power out put modes, 70hp-100hp-130hp making it user friendly for all levels of rider.